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In todays fast paced world, things are changing rapidly and the lines between people around the world are blurring, and we are paying a heavy price for it. We are losing our indigenous cultures, ancestral folktales, mythologies and the real meaning and stories behind them. So I quit my job sometime back to create visual stories, and today Shivatells is on the mission to travel to the remotest corners to find these rare untold stories, protect them and bring them to you! Let’s save our cultures together!

Why I do it

With thousands and thousands of years of evolution of human kind, one thing that has remained constant is storytelling. Earlier it used to be through cave paintings, then words and then written on paper. But even with best of technology today, we are on the verge of losing these stories that are our connect to our past that give us an identity. So with ShivaTells I intend to protect these beautiful stories and keep hanging on to the thread that connects us to our beautiful past.

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Hola amigos! Set foot in Goa’s Colorful Homes and instantly crave a slice of that sunshine-coloured life, don’t you? Those picture-perfect houses lining the streets, painted in shades that rival a parrot’s plumage – they scream Goa. Well, there’s a whole lot more to these

Rice beer festival

The Judima Festival – Dima Hasao’s Hidden Rice Beer Festival!

What’s up jen amis (friends)! Shiva here, just landed (virtually, of course) with a story guaranteed to pique your interest! Ever heard of the Judima Festival? Na? Didn’t think so. This ain’t your regular ol’ beer festival, no sir. This one’s got roots deeper than

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