Andaman Tour: 7 Days of Paradise with ShivaTells Travel Vlog

Close your eyes and picture this: turquoise waters lapping at pristine shores, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, and the sweet scent of plumeria flowers filling the air. Welcome to the Andamans, a breathtaking archipelago nestled in the Bay of Bengal, and your gateway to a week of pure paradise on your Andaman tour. This travelogue follows the footsteps of a fellow explorer, taking you on a whirlwind journey through the islands’ captivating beauty, rich history, and unique charm.

Port Blair: Island Charm & Rich History

Kick off your Andaman tour in Port Blair, the capital city. Check into the luxurious Hotel Star Paradise, where your sea-view room offers a mesmerizing introduction to this island paradise. Immerse yourself in the city’s history at the Cellular Jail, a poignant symbol of India’s freedom struggle. Don’t miss the captivating sound and light show for a deeper look into the jail’s past.

Nature or History? Choose Your Andaman Tour Adventure

Day two presents a delightful choice. Nature lovers can head to Chidiya Tapu, also known as Bird Island, to spot vibrant birds flitting through lush greenery. Alternatively, history buffs can explore Ross Island, the former British headquarters, with its fascinating ruins and roaming deer. The easy ferry access makes this a convenient option for those short on time.

Havelock Island: Paradise Found

Board the Makruzz ferry and prepare to be enthralled by the scenic journey to Havelock Island. Unwind at the All Seasons Hotel and allow the island’s tranquility to wash over you. The afternoon beckons with exploration of pristine beaches. Relax on the gentle waves of Vijay Nagar, or marvel at the iconic giant coconut and breathtaking sunsets at Kala Pathar beach.

Adventure Awaits at Elephanta Beach

Get ready for an adrenaline rush at Elephanta Beach, renowned for its thrilling water activities. Kayak through crystal-clear waters, explore vibrant coral reefs while snorkeling, or try your hand at jet skiing. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Embark on a trek through lush greenery, immersing yourself in nature’s symphony. Prepare for a unique encounter with thousands of crabs scuttling across the marshy area – a testament to the island’s rich biodiversity.

Neil Island: Serenity Reigns Supreme

After the exhilarating experience at Elephanta Beach, unwind on the pristine shores of Neil Island. Let the gentle rhythm of the waves lull you into relaxation. Spend your days basking in the sun, swimming in the turquoise waters, and exploring the island’s laid-back charm. This serene paradise is the perfect antidote to the previous day’s adventure.

Beyond the Beaches: Unveiling the Heart of the Andamans

Our exploration has primarily focused on the natural beauty and tourist hotspots of the Andamans. However, the islands boast a rich cultural tapestry woven by indigenous tribes and settlers from mainland India. To delve deeper, consider venturing into the Middle and North Andamans.

Here, you can watch the Andaman Tribal stories of the Jarawa, Onge, Karen, Great Andamanese, and more


The Andaman Islands weave a spell of beauty and wonder, leaving an indelible mark on your soul. As you depart, the turquoise waters and swaying palms will beckon you back. This 7-day Andaman tour itinerary is just a taste of what these emerald isles have to offer. Whether you crave historical exploration, adventurous activities, or simply serene relaxation, the Andamans cater to every desire. So, start planning your Andaman adventure today, and discover your own slice of paradise!

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